Although rumours have been swirling for some time, it now looks like it's official - Dwayne Johnson and Jason Statham are getting a Fast and Furious spinoff.

The report comes from Deadline and confirms that Universal are now actively pursuing a project that'll see Johnson's character, Hobbs, and Statham's character, Shaw, teaming up for their own adventures. Johnson has been credited with revitalising the flagging franchise in Fast Five, and Statham's career has bounced back since turning up in Furious 7 in 2015.

The word is that Chris Morgan, who's been involved in the franchise since the fourth entry, is in the early stages of putting together a screenplay - although there's been no word on when it'll be completed or begin production.

It's no secret that Johnson and Diesel clashed on the set of Fast and Furious 8, but a story that's been circulating for some time about a supposed after-credits scene that Diesel nixed. According to a few insider sources, the scene involved Johnson and Statham and was filmed without Diesel's knowledge. Nobody's seen this supposed after-credits scene, but it's quite possible that it had something to do with this spinoff idea.

The franchise is set to end with the tenth film, but there's no word yet on when the ninth or tenth film will enter production. Fast and Furious 8 debuted with the biggest opening weekend of all time and is likely to top the box office this weekend again.


Via Deadline