Dunkirk is shaping up to be one of the biggest films of the summer, especially as the film is receiving huge promotion for both IMAX and 70mm formats.

It's been confirmed today that Dunkirk will now receive the widest 70mm opening in twenty-five years. All told, Dunkirk will open 125 locations in 70mm screenings across the globe. Here in Ireland, Dunkirk is being screened at the IFI daily from July 21st in 70mm. The latest major film to receive such a wide 70mm opening was Quentin Tarantino's The Hateful Eight which, according to Variety, opened in approximately 100 locations.

70mm has been the preferred format for sweeping Hollywood epics like Lawrence of Arabia, Gone WIth The Wind and My Fair Lady, but pretty much went out of circulation due to the high cost of production for it and the fact that the projectors to run 70mm were being mothballed in favour of digital projectors.

The fact that Nolan was able to pull all of this off and get so many 70mm screenings of Dunkirk shows just how much pull he has with both Warner Bros. and the exhibitors, too.

Dunkirk hits Irish cinemas from July 21st.