Since they're doing live action remakes for almost every other Disney animated classic, why did we think Dumbo would be any different?

Well at least we can expect that this remake will be a different type of remake than say Beauty and the Beast which so far looks like a shot for shot remake of the original. With Tim Burton behind the camera, expect the term "re-imagining" to be used by the creatives involved rather than "remake."

Dumbo could be the starriest Disney remake yet, as both Will Smith and Tom Hanks are reportedly in talks to star. According to Variety, Hanks is being considered to play the villain in the movie. It's not known what role Smith would have though we're sure plenty of people already have their Smith/Dumbo ear jokes written. 

Nothing is official just yet though, and if Smith were to sign on, they'd have to overcome is hectic filming schedule which includes David Ayer's Bright, and Joe Carnahan's Bad Boys For Life.