The news that Dumb and Dumber To (purposeful misspelling, very clever guys) has been dropped will cause mixed emotions in the D&D fan base. Die hard fans have been waiting for a sequel ever since Harry and Lloyd crossed our screens in orange and blue tuxedos, complete with top cats and canes.It should go without saying, but the 2003 prequel Dumb and Dumberer: When Harry Met Lloyd without the original cast members does not count. On the other hand, it's now been nearly two decades.Has too much time has passed for Jim Carey and Jeff Daniels to return to the movie, and who else could replace them?

Now the odious day has arrived when Warner Bros, has finally put the nail in the coffin and confirmed the sequel has definitely been dropped, according to Hollywood Reporter. This does not mean the film will never be made however, with the directing Farrelly Brothers shopping around for another studio to back the film. Both Jeff Daniels and Jim Carey have agreed to return if the film finds its feet once again. The film would see the duo on a road trip in search of Lloyd's illegitimate daughter with the aim of roping her into a kidney transplant. Classy guys.

Deadline has claimed Wolf of Wall Street financier Red Granite Pictures is keen on the project, while at least five US distributors interested overall. Withstanding the foibles this film could so easily make, we for one cannot wait to see Harry and Lloyd once more on their mopeds, covered in frozen snot and pee.