Comic Con has kicked off in San Diego, and the mecca for movie geeks is already churning out breaking news. One movie has already played to cheering crowds, and the title might surprise some.

Dredd reportedly had somewhat of a troubled production, with rumours that British helmer Pete Travis had been replaced by the studio - reports that were denied. The film is apparently very violent, with a setting and plot not-too-dissimilar to that of the fantastic action flick, The Raid. Karl Urban replaces Sylvester Stallone in the lead role, and apparently amps the drawl Eastwood delivery to brilliantly satirical proportions. Overall the film has gone down well, but Deadline, who were at the fan screening, wonder if it might just find a niche audience in the way that the (god awful) Punisher: War Zone did.

Looking forward to it anyway; I like Urban a lot as a leading man.