When you sit down and think about - and we mean REALLY think about - there are very few movies, TV shows or even Shakespeare plays that wouldn't be improved by the sudden arrival of a dragon. Of all the fantastical, make-believe creatures through the ages, dragons have got to be the coolest and most kick-ass of the lot. Not you though, Komodo Dragons! You're not really dragons and nobody likes you!

Since we love dragons so much, we've decided to have a gander back over our favorite ones over the years. As always, not every last dragon could make it, and here's just some of the one's that didn't quite make the cut: Puff the Magic Dragon, the Dragon that marries Donkey in Shrek, those dragons from Harry Potter & The Order Of The Phoenix, Pete's Dragon, the dragons from Reign Of Fire, and the two witches-turn-into-dragons from both Sword In The Stone and Sleeping Beauty (and Enchanted too!).

Now, on with the list!

5. DRACO in Dragonheart

When you think of a dragon, and you pretend that the dragon might be capable of speech, whose voice do you think would be best suited to match the regal strength and purposeful honour of a dragon? Yes, exactly. Sean Connery! Here providing his unmistakable accent to the world's last dragon, being hunted down by the world's greatest dragon-hunter (Dennis Quaid), this is a real old school adventure movie that is given far less credit than it deserves!


4. DROGON, VISERION and RHAEGEL in Game Of Thrones

Believed to be extinct, until Daenerys Targarayan aka Kahleesi aka The Mother Of Dragons walked them into a fire and they were totally okay and slowly awoken. Only small little firestarters to begin with, it wasn't long before Daenerys started to use them to kill folk she didn't like, and eventually burn entire strongholds to the ground. Anyone who is up to date with the show knows that the future isn't looking too bright for the dragon trio, but that's what they get for misbehaving!

3. SMAUG in The Hobbit: The Desolation Of Smaug

Voiced sublimely with deliciously evil intent by Benedict Cumberbatch, who also went the Whole Serkis, giving his body over to the mo-cap wizards so they could match his lizard-y movements, the climax of Peter Jackson's second Hobbit movie was full of creeping malice and mounting dread. Again, anyone who knows what's gone down so far will know we haven't quite heard the last of Smaug, but will his gold lust be his own undoing?


So you've got this great idea for an invention, but all you need is a little moolah to get the ball rolling. So instead of going to a bank like a normal person, you go on TV and pitch your great idea to four incredibly intimidating millionaires. Things usually go one of two ways: they hate your idea and they make a tit out of you on nationally syndicated TV, or they love your idea and end up bumping up their ownership percentage of all YOUR hard work. Was it worth it? Probably not. Not that it matters, they got theirs.

1. TOOTHLESS in How To Train Your Dragon 2

It takes a lot to be the best dragon ever, but we reckon being involved in ending the human VS dragon war that had been going on for centuries, is probably reason enough. On top of that, single handedly killing the BIG BOSS DRAGON at the end of the first movie, and saving your best friend, all with one of your wings irreparably damaged, means that Toothless is without a doubt THE dragon that you want to have by your side at all times! Of course, things aren't quite finished yet, as Toothless and co have their work cut out for them again, with a new giant dragon on the horizon, and an evil dragon slaver behind them all!

We here at entertainment.ie are big fans of How To Train Your Dragon 2 (review HERE), so make sure you get along to see it at your local Odeon cinema!