I can also tell when Downton Abbey is on, because my twitter feed is full of references to it. I've never seen the show, which is going into its third season, but there will apparently now be a movie.

A "source" told The Sun, "Julian (Fellows, the creator) was chatting with various film directors and movie executives about the show and the possibility it would make a fantastic feature film. Julian was explaining he would have to give the idea a lot of thought and that lots of people have already asked him about film rights." Apparently Fellows was knocking around at The Golden Globes and was constantly asked about film rights to the series and is now seriously considering it.

ITV will want to cash in while the show is getting global praise, but would also have to be careful that a movie didn't interfere with the ongoing timeline of the series. I dunno, what am I talking about, I've never even seen it.