Disturbia and I Am Number 4 director, DJ Caruso, is apparently in advanced negotiations to direct comic adaptation, Preacher, reports Slashfilm.com.

Sam Mendes was previously attached to the flick but pulled out to concentrate on directing the new James Bond film. The story centres on a possessed Texan preacher with immense powers, who travels across America with his ex-girlfriend and Irish vampire to find god. Actors such as Colin Farrell, Gerard Butler and James Marsden have previously been linked to parts. It was almost turned into a HBO series, with Daredevil helmer, Mark Steven Johnson calling the shots.

I interviewed DJ Caruso for I Am Number 4 a couple of weeks ago, and he's an absolute gentleman. In terms of putting together an action film he knows how to stage a sequence very well, but linking plot points seamlessly isn’t his strong point - thus far. Finding the right tone, and crucially, the right actors will be the big test with Preacher.