Certain movies are sacred, inextricably entwined with the childhoods of a certain generation - and they don't need to be 'rebooted', 'remade' or 'reimagined'.

However, that's exactly what is happening with 'Home Alone', as it's one of several movie franchises being planned for a reboot by Disney.

CEO Bob Iger announced plans for the new Disney+ streaming service that will include several titles that it acquired in its buy-out of Fox - and 'Home Alone', 'Cheaper by the Dozen', 'Night at the Museum' and 'Diary of a Wimpy Kid' are among them.

Okay, so there were some pretty awful 'Home Alone' sequels after the first two gems; the most recent, 'Home Alone: The Holiday Heist' was in 2012 and was the fifth in the series. The fourth and fifth films were made-for-TV movies, while 1997's 'Home Alone 3' starred Alex D. Linz as youngster Alex Pruitt, and was generally panned.

Iger didn't elaborate on details, only to say that the film franchises would be "reimagined for a new generation".

Disney+ launches in November and aims to have over 400 films and 7,500 episodes of TV available to users by the end of its first year.