Now that the Disney/Fox merger is a thing of the past, the House of Mouse has released a full slate of upcoming movies that they will be bringing to fans over the coming years.

It's been a big week for Disney, with them having launched their streaming platform Disney+ to some lucky territories around the world (while us here in Ireland will have to patiently wait until March 2020).

And just last night, the company have provided Marvel and FOX fans with arrival dates of some of the biggest franchises currently under their control.

As you can see from the handy Tweet below, Disney will release at least 19 new movies every year until 2023.

And with the announcement, there’s comes a number of dates that fans should take note of.

First up, the planned 'Star Wars' trilogy, which recently saw 'Game of Thrones' helmers David Benioff and D.B. Weiss exit, are still planned for December 16, 2022, December 20, 2024, and December 18, 2026.

20th Century Fox's 'Avatar 2' will hit cinemas on December 17, 2021, and the third instalment will arrive two years later on December 22, 2023. In terms of animation, there will be two new Pixar animations in 2022 and 2023, and a new one from Disney also in 2023.

However, what has left fans speculating the most is the reveal of five new untitled Marvel movies. The previously announced 'Blade' will likely take one of those spots, as Mahershala Ali has already been cast in the role. The remainder of the movies however, are as yet unknown. We know that 'Guardians of the Galaxy' and 'Ant-Man' will likely get third instalments, and 'Captain Marvel' will return for a sequel, but beyond that it is anyone's guess.

Could Disney shake things up, and give fans what we've been salivating over for years - a 'Fantastic Four' or 'X-Men' reboot?

No doubt in true Disney style, we won't have much more information on these announcements for quite some time yet.