Somewhere, Anne Hathaway is trilling 'Just a spoonful of sugah, helps the medicine go daaawhn'... C'mon, it was the role she was BORN to play! 

According to Entertainment Weekly, the proposed remake will be set 20 years after the original (it was set in Depression era London, hence why jumping into chalk drawings was a welcomed sport), so some time in the 40s. Directed by Rob Marshall and written by David Magee (of Finding Neverland fame), the “the new project (which is decidedly not being developed as a sequel) will explore Mary’s further adventures with the Banks family and beyond as illustrated by Travers’ seven additional novels."

So, to clarify, there will be a new plot, a new musical score, and new songs. Yep, that means no Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious... 

Those rumoured to be in the running to wield Mary's umbrella include Kristen Bell, Amy Adams, Emily Blunt (at least she'd have an authentic accent), and of course, Miss Hathaway.

We know who our money is on.

Via Vanity Fair