Although it's been a couple of months since James Gunn's firing from 'Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol.3' over historical tweets, the effects are still being felt across the movie industry and the cast itself.

Dave Bautista, for one, has been unequivocal in his support for Gunn and his reluctance to even go in for the threequel if it means Gunn isn't involved. One person, however, who's been silent on the matter is the person who made the decision - Disney's overlord and CEO Bob Iger. In a brief interview with THR, Iger was questioned both about Gunn's firing and Roseanne Barr's firing also.

Disney as a conglomerate owns ABC, which is where Roseanne Barr's series 'Roseanne' was broadcast in the US. In both instances, it seems Iger's pretty unapologetic about both firings. When questioned how involved he was in the process of two of the most high-profile firings in recent industry history, Iger said that it was "a blend of my helping to make the decision to my supporting the decisions that have been made."

"Roseanne was completely unanimous. We discussed how it would be communicated and when because there were a number of entities that had to be properly filled in, but the decision was completely unanimous. The James Gunn decision was brought to me as a unanimous decision of a variety of executives at the studio and I supported it."

Pointedly, however, Iger said that despite the backlash to Gunn's firing, he said that he hasn't "second-guessed their decision." You can read the interview in full here.