She made a kazillion dollars per episode of Friends and has since gone on to star in her own show Cougar Town, based on older women who prey on hot young men simply because they can. Courteney Cox is now taking the next big career step and beginning what could be a brilliant way to head for her aging years; directing.

Her feature directorial debut Hello I Must Be Going already has us doing jazz hands of happiness due to the cast, scriptwriter and intriguing plot line. Desperate Housewives scriptwriter David Flebotte is on hand for writing while Sean William Scott and Kate Walsh will star as lead roles.

Scott is set to play Ted Morgan, a man who heads home to organize his affairs before attempting suicide.Walsh will play his sister-in-law. It may not sound the most uplifting script but it's sure to be a hearty story, and judging by Desperate Housewives, Flebotte is well able to produce tension and suspense.

Cox has had some small experience directing as of lately, as she has previously directed Cougar Town episodes, as well as the 2012 Lifetime TV movie Talhotblond. The film will also star Garret Dillahunt and Rob Riggle. With Hello I Must Be Going beginning its shooting later this month in LA, Courteney can breath a sigh of relief as behind the camera means no botox injections right? Claws retracted, we do love you Courteney, it's sad out of concern for your pretty face more than anything. Now that you're rid of your batshit crazy husband, it's upwards from here on out.