'Joker' is doing gangbusters at the box office including beating out 'Downton Abbey' to top spot this weekend in Ireland.

Starring Joaquin Phoenix in the title role, critics have been raving about the film (check out our review here). However some see it as irresponsible and inciting copycat violence. Love it or hate it, 'Joker' is the movie everyone's talking about.

Recently director Todd Phillips offered a breakdown of the opening scenes to the movie.

He first discusses that opening shot with Joker aka Arthur Fleck looking in the mirror, making himself smile and cry. He also talks about the scene in which a gang steal Arthur's sign and beat him up.

Phillips, whose other credits include 'The Hangover', 'Starsky & Hutch' and 'War Dogs', discusses lighting, location and costuming in his directorial choices. He also talks Phoenix's performance and stunt double, and the importance of running.

Check out the Youtube vid below.

Now that you've seen an analysis of the opening, check out our breakdown of 'Joker's ending. (though beware, it contains spoilers)