James Toback, the director of Bugsy, and The Gambler, was accused by over 300 women of various incidents of sexual assault and harassment over his career.

An initial story by the Los Angeles Times had 38 women come forward with their stories against the director, with five cases being brought forward to the Los Angeles County DA's office. The DA's Hollywood sex crimes task force reviewed these cases, one of them going back as far as 1978, but found that none of them could be prosecuted in court as all of them had passed the statute of limitations. Toback's alleged crimes ranged from misdemeanor indecent exposure to felony sexual battery, with some of the incidents taking place as recently as 2008.

Per a statement given to the New York Times, the statute of limitations in Los Angeles on alleged sexual battery violations is one year. Of the 38 women who initially came forward with their stories to the Los Angeles Times, three of them included Rachel McAdams, Julieanne Moore and Selma Blair.

While no cases have been brought forward in Los Angeles against Toback, there's still a question over whether other cases in other cities or countries may come forward.

Toback has denied all allegations.


Via New York Times