We're big fans of Guardians of the Galaxy and James Gunn's work, so as you can imagine, we're very interested in what he has to say about the sequel.

In a recent interview, Gunn said that he's already got the plot worked out for Guardians 2 AND 3. Although he hasn't signed on to direct the third entry, it's good that he's thinking ahead to whoever takes over.

Obviously, we'd like it to be him because come on, Guardians was amazing.

So, what's the central plot-point for Guardians 2? Dads. And probably some Dad jokes, too.

As mentioned in the first Guardians, Chris Pratt's character wasn't entirely human and that his father was out in space - just like him.

So, let's talk casting as Chris Pratt's father. Who would we pick? Isn't it obvious? Dennis Quaid or Kurt Russell.

Kurt Russell because he's got that swagger that Chris Pratt brought to the role and he's capable of doing comedy too. Remember Overboard? Tango & Cash? Exactly.

Dennis Quaid because he does have a physical resemblance to Chris Pratt and, y'know, he's back in our lives now. Eek.


Via Vulture.com