Paul Feig is going to be the man behind the camera for the new Ghostbusters, and he confirmed that the cast will be all-female.

Last night, director Paul Feig took to Twitter to announce that there would be a new Ghostbusters on the way, but that it would be radically different from the previous two movies: the cast would be all female. 



Katie Dippold, who is mentioned in the tweet by Feig as his co-writer also wrote The Heat (that's THE Heat, starring Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy, not Heat) and has also written for Parks and Recreation, so there's some good comedy pedigree involved already, given that Feig comes from a background that includes Bridesmaids and Arrested Development.

There was no word yet on who will be cast, but rumours are already circulating about the aforementioned McCarthy and Kristen Wiig, given Feig has worked with both of them on other projects before. Ivan Reitman will produce again, but given Bill Murray's previous hesitance to be involved at all with a third movie in the franchise, there seems to be little hope of him popping up at all in the new one.