So this week I'm meeting the Queen. Not the actual Queen of England but BETTER; Dame Helen Mirren. Isn't she the greatest? She's done everything from starring as The Queen (for which she earned herself a 5 minute standing ovation at the film's Venice Film Fest premiere), to filming a sex scene outdoors with Olivier Martinez to starring as a vampire in a Funny Or Die sketch with Billy Crystal. She also recently dressed up as The Queen to grant the last wish of a dying boy. Talk about living up to your legendary reputation.

This week I'll meet her to chat about her role in Disney's Monsters University where she teams up once more with Crystal. But what's next on the agenda for such a lady?

Rumour has it she's set to play a French chef, in a movie called The Hundred Foot Journey, helmed by the director of Chocolat.

As per Deadline, this movie will be based on a novel about the rivalry between an Indian restaurant that is 100 feet away from a three-Michelin-star restaurant in France. Madame Mallory (bit eccentric to say the least) runs the French bistro (this is where Dame Helen Mirren is rumoured to come in) who, against her better judgement, forms a mentoring bond with a young Indian boy whose family run her rival restaurant.