Hmm, I wonder who I would cast if I was making a comedy-drama about an older couple with relationship troubles and dysfunctional children set at Christmastime? I know - Diane Keaton! She's the go-to actress for this kind of movie and has entered negotiations to join The Most Wonderful Time.

The Wrap exclusively reports that Keaton is not the only actor possibly joining the ensemble cast. Alan Arkin is apparently set to play Keaton's hubby and Amanda Seyfried, Annette Bening and Theo James are all also in talks.

The heartwarming (probably) film will be directed by Jesse Nelson (I am Sam) and the story will centre around the couple who plan one last family Christmas before revealing their impending divorce BUT minds begin to change when their off-spring bring along their own set of issues.

Keaton was last scene in the utterly woesome The Big Wedding (with Amanda Seyfried actually, you would think they'd learn). Check out the trailer below: