It really has been one of the most pulversing summer blockbusters for studios, with only a handful making it through unscathed.

As we previously reported, both Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Ghostbusters have both come in under expectations and now Warcraft is confirmed to be in a similar situation, albeit not as poorly as Ghostbusters.

All told, Warcraft made an impressive $433 million worldwide against a production budget of approximately $160 million and a large chunk of those earnings came from China. However, Warcraft earned a paltry $47 million in the US, the largest film market in the world so far.

Insiders speaking to THR estimate that the losses for Warcraft to be in the region of $30-$40 million, which are bad, but not as bad as some others. Ghostbusters lost Sony $70 million whilst Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice was expected to take in $1 billion and only reached $872 million.

While no sequel has been officially greenlit for Warcraft, Universal would be foolish not to give it another attempt. For one, the reactions for the film were truly mixed - New York Times, THR and ourselves all enjoyed it for what it was and it had a very decent audience score as well. Secondly, this summer is undoubtedly going to go down in history as one of the worst blockbuster seasons in living memory and Warcraft's fortunes were a by-product of it.

Moreover, fans of the series are clamouring for another one and they're loyal - so why not? As it stands, Duncan Jones is off to work on his long-gestating sci-fi film, Mute, and no official word has been given on a Warcraft sequel.

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