Denzel Washington's known for being a straightforward, no-nonsense actor who doesn't take s*** off of anyone.

With roles like Alonzo Harris in Training Day, Malcolm X in.. uh.. Malcolm X, Frank Lucas in American Gangster and countless others, Washington's built up a sizeable part of his career based on his unflappable, unphased persona. However, back during the Pacquiao / Mayweather fight, Washington was sighted looking uncharacteristically casual in a ball-cap, tracksuit and a dodgy-looking moustache that he was growing out for his role in Magnificent Seven.

The image became known as Uncle Denzel and, when questioned about it recently, Denzel was pretty well unimpressed about it. When asked how he felt about being something of an object of parody, Denzel replied with a thinly-veiled 'f*** you' to anyone who made a Uncle Denzel meme.

"If I had my wallet, I’d show it to you. They don’t know what I was doing. They don’t need to know." Denzel went on, saying that "those who can, do, and those who can't, talk about those that can."

Here's a few examples of the meme in question...

And here's Denzel's not-even-slightly threatening response. Why would you want to piss off Denzel Washington?


Via Twitter / BlogXilla