In case you missed it, Demi Lovato re-watched 'Camp Rock' over the weekend. And she finds it as stupid as the rest of us do.

As a quick reminder, it was the Disney Channel musical 'Camp Rock' (attempting to repeat the success of 'High School Musical' from a couple of years prior) that shot Demi Lovato into stardom.

Since then she's probably become more renowned for her career as a singer; though she also starred in Disney channel series 'Sonny With a Chance' and was a judge on 'The X Factor USA'.

But you can never forget where you came from, right?

Twelve years after its release, 'Camp Rock' has become something of a trend again on the likes of Tiktok as people are recreating some of its sappier moments.

Lovato revisited the 2008 film last weekend. And her reaction to it is better than any scene in the DCOM (Disney Channel Original Movie).

Check out some of her funniest reactions below.