As the general election campaign rages on, more and more political parties in Ireland are invading popular culture to try and connect with younger audiences.

As we previously reported, the Green Party posted a picture of 'Ol Gill from The Simpsons as its unofficial mascot in response to a meme that did the rounds a few days ago. That meme has since been updated with the Social Democrats now taking on the role of Frank Grimes - arguably the best one-episode character in Simpsons history.

Anyway, the most recent attempt by political parties to get down with the kids is this monstrosity by the Labour Party.

Let's be clear here. We're completely apolitical and, frankly, one's as bad as the other in Irish politics. However, there's something pretty stupid here. How exactly can you be taken back to the future by a political party? And don't you want to go INTO the future? We'll admit, we do see Brian Cowen as a Biff Tannen type, but to suggest that Willie O'Dea is as cool as Doc Brown is ridiculous. How dare you.

If you're going to use a film poster, use something like Tommy Boy or Happy Gilmore or basically Adam Sandler film. Don't bring good films that people actually like into your shitty campaigning.

Just leave it alone. Here's a poster we threw together in a few minutes to get you started.


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