Although Deadpool 2 is due to begin shooting in the coming months, there's still been precious little confirmed news in the way of casting.

Kerry Washington was reportedly in the running for a supporting role, however one role that's yet to be announced is that of Cable. Many names have been trotted out and the prevailing theory is that our own Pierce Brosnan is the front-runner to play him, however Deadpool's creator, Rob Liefeld, has taken to Twitter to throw his own two cents into the mix.

According to Liefeld, Russell Crowe is the man for the job and, by all accounts, Russell Crowe himself isn't exactly against the idea. In a series of tweets, Liefeld threw it out and Crowe returned volley by taking in Ryan Reynolds.

To be honest, Russell Crowe's not a bad shout for the role. He's proven before that he can do comedy - just look at The Nice Guys, for example - and he's also got a solid background in playing hard-ass, grizzled warriors. Of course, it's entirely possible that the role has already been cast and that Crowe likely isn't the one in mind.

Nevertheless, Crowe bantering off Ryan Reynolds and trading wisecracks could definitely work. What do you make of Crowe as Cable? Let us know in the comments!


Via Twitter