Since the first film opened this time last year and made an absolute bomb at the box-office, Deadpool hasn't been too far from anyone's lips.

Ryan Reynolds has a new film opening in the next few weeks called 'Life' and a playful, funny Deadpool scene dropped before screenings of 'Logan' in America over its mammoth opening weekend.

Now talk has turned to who will play Cable in the Deadpool sequel, which, may very well be called 'Deadpool and Cable.'

We'd heard Liam Neeson, Pierce Brosnan and Michael Shannon's names being mentioned, but it now appears that Reynolds and his producers are zoning in on their choice.

Stranger Things star David Harbour has been playing second and third tier characters for a long time - Black Mass, The Equalizer etc - before his stellar work on the Netflix series saw his stock rise. He's apparently someone said producers are very keen on. 

While the casting is far from confirmed, The Wrap are a reliable source and they're saying he's already screen tested to positive reaction. 

David Leitch, who was one of the bad asses behind the first John Wick is directing and we can't wait.