It was a little disappointing when original helmer Tim Miller left the production of the sequel to one of the years biggest movies. For a first feature, Miller showed a strong hand at both the action set-pieces and a deft touch for comedy.

Alas, creative differences are rampant in Hollywood and it cost Miller a chance to expand the cinematic universe he was so prominent in helping create.

But Ryan Reynolds and co have replaced him with a banging director as it's now been confirmed that David Leitch, one of the co-directors of the superb action flick, John Wick, will take over directing duties. THR saying he met with Reynolds in New York and was offered the job soon after. 

As we've mentioned numerous times before, John Wick is the best action movie we've seen in yonks. Possibly THE best. This is a superb choice.

Leitch has Charlize Theron starrer The Coldest City due next year too.