For a film that didn't do amazingly well at the box-office, it's got some pretty well-known fans. Quentin Tarantino named his 10th favourite film of all time whilst Pam Beesley from The Office claimed she was a fan. We're guessing real-life Jenna Fischer was a fan too. Not only has Dazed & Confused got a great soundtrack, it had some of the funniest lines we've ever heard. Here's what some of the cast have been up to since then...


JASON LONDON - 'Randall "Pink" Floyd'

Unfortunately for Jason London, his role in Dazed & Confused was the highlight of his career. He's starred in a number of direct-to-video films since then and turned up in shows like NCIS and Grey's Anatomy, but very little else. 




The constantly stoned-off-his-tits friend of Floyd, Slater was the guy who believed that George Washington grew weed because it was a "cash crop". Yeah, man. Rory Cochrane has since starred in TV shows like 24, CSI: Miami and had a brief role in last year's Argo. That film was directed by...


BEN AFFLECK - 'Fred O'Bannion'

One of his Ben Affleck's first roles was in Dazed & Confused as the terrorising senior who picked on the freshmen joining high school. Affleck's career has gone from strength to strength since then and he'll be donning the cowl as Batman in Zack Snyder's as-yet untitled Superman Vs. Batman film.


COLE HAUSER - 'Benny O'Donnell'

Much like Ben Affleck, one of Cole Hauser's first roles was in Dazed & Confused. They'd later reunite in Good Will Hunting, which Affleck co-wrote with Matt Damon. As of 2013, Hauser has starred in A Good Day To Die Hard with Bruce Willis and will star in Johnny Depp's next film, Transcendence.



Alright, alright, alright... Seriously, how cool as shit was McConaughey in Dazed & Confused? Everybody either wanted to be him or hang out with him. McConaughey's career renaissance has been a joy to watch. Considering his early career was made up of this, Contact and A Time To Kill, the talent the man had was plain to see. Then he went and decided to do some romantic comedies. Or ten. As of 2014, he's starring in the pretty incredible Dallas Buyers Club and has even begun a foray into TV alongside Woody Harrellson in HBO's True Detective. We've seen the first two episodes and it's going to be the TV series of 2014. Trust us.




AIR-RAAAAAAAAAAAID! It takes a monumental amount of talent to play a thundering bitch like Darla in Dazed & Confused. Parker Posey's caustic, abrasive character in Dazed & Confused is pretty much the complete opposite of anything she's done since. Most recently, she turned up in the last season of the amazing Louie as Louis CK's love-interest who (spoiler alert) dies suddenly in front of him. It was emotional. We welled up.