Well this could be interesting; David Walliams wants to play a gay man version of Miss Moneypenney in the next James Bond flick.

Speaking to The Sun, the Little Britain comedian said: "I'm really good friends with Bond producer Barbara Broccoli and I did ask if I could be Moneypenny... I said 'If M is a woman, why can't Moneypenny be a man and have a crush on Bond?' But she just laughed and not in a good way!"

What do you reckon, should Miss Moneypenney go male and gay? We can't see why not. Bit of humour never did Bond any harm.

Walliams is excited to see how Javier Bardem measures up as the villain: "Bond films are only as good as the villain. Javier Bardem is the villain in Skyfall so I'm assuming it's going to be fantastic... I've seen bits of it and as Barbara is a friend I keep trying to find out more."

Skyfall hits cinemas on October 26th. Watch the trailer here.