While the reviews for 'Rambo: Last Blood' range from the OK to the terrible, it's got to be particularly galling to have the creator of the character join the chorus of negative reviews.

David Morrell, who wrote 'First Blood' in 1972 and sold the film rights shortly thereafter, tweeted out his disapproval of the movie, saying that he was "embarrassed" to be associated with it, and described the movie as "a mess."

Morrell wrote an early draft of the screenplay for 'First Blood' back in 1982, however the novel and the movie were markedly different in both how they portrayed the character, and how the movie ended. In the novel, Rambo killed many of the police officers chasing him, however Stallone's rewrites of the script removed these and made him a more sympathetic character.

Not only that, the novel ended with Rambo committing suicide after he's cornered by the police and the National Guard. While this ending was filmed in 'First Blood', Stallone and director Ted Kotcheff opted for a different ending - the one we all saw - where he turns himself in at the urging of Col. Trautman.

'Rambo: Last Blood' is currently in Irish cinemas.