Rejoice, remake-haters - you've finally got your wish.

In a recent interview, Gillian Flynn spoke about the upcoming David Fincher-directed remake of Strangers On A Train. Flynn was tapped by Fincher to pen a screenplay for it with Ben Affleck leading the cast.

The news was initially met quite a lot of anger, as many believed Strangers On A Train was beyond remaking. Never mind the fact that Alfred Hitchcock did remakes himself. COUGH.

Anyway, Flynn has more or less poured cold water over the whole thing, stating that everyone involved "is so over committed right now," which effectively means it's on hold.

For Flynn, her dance-card is filling up pretty nicely. She's currently working on a BBC drama with 12 Years A Slave director Steve McQueen and she's working on HBO's Utopia - with Fincher, no less.

As for Affleck, he's got Batman Vs Superman, Suicide Squad, the Justice League film and the standalone Batman movie which he's writing, directing AND starring in - so his plate's more or less overflowing with work.

Fincher, as we said, is working on Utopia, a new sci-fi series for HBO with Flynn, and he's got that '80s-set music video comedy with HBO. However, the word on that one is HBO are looking for him to focus on Utopia rather than the comedy.

Which sucks because the idea of David Fincher doing a comedy about the early years of MTV and music videos sounds pretty damn incredible.

So, thoughts on all of this? To be honest, it seemed like a pretty cool idea - but the level of hatred that went out after it was announced makes us think the studio got cold feet on the whole thing.

Couple that with the amount of work everyone has and you're looking at something that they'd all love to do, but can't really commit to.


Via Vulture