From the green hills of Ireland to the parched deserts of Africa, to the dazzling heights of London society, Dare to be Wild is a contemporary romantic adventure that tells the true story of Mary Reynolds (Emma Greenwell), a gifted landscape designer whose mission is to share the beauty and power of wild nature with the world. Facing almost impossible odds, she enters one of the toughest competitions in her field, and with nothing but talent and sheer force of will to drive her, she gets sceptics and cynics alike to share her vision. She even embarks on an Ethiopian odyssey to bring back the only man who can help her win, and the two fall in love over their mutual passion to preserve the wild. A real modern-day heroine, Mary reaches for her dreams – and achieves them – one garden, one vast desert, at a time.

Carmel International Film Festival

The filmmakers will attend the screening


Please note that the festival is for over 18s only