As the film nears release - next week, to be precise - the soundtrack for Justice League has finally made its way online.

Although Antonius Holkenborg, better known as Junkie XL, was supposed to be handling the scoring duties, he was replaced only a few months ago by Danny Elfman. It's not known precisely why this was, but a statement released at the time seemed to suggest that he was replaced at the behest of Joss Whedon.

In any event, there's been talk that Elfman's soundtrack will feature cues from his work on the 1989 Batman soundtrack, John Williams' Superman, and Hans Zimmer's work on Man Of Steel as well - so we're guessing it's a hodge-podge of sounds that'll be very thrilling in context, but not necessarily work without the visuals to guide them.

Basically, like every other soundtrack from a blockbuster for the past five years or so. The soundtrack is now up on YouTube and Spotify - here's our favourite track so far. 


Via YouTube