As we previously reported, BBC Films are working on a feature-length miniseries surrounding the creation of Grand Theft Auto and, specifically, the early years of Rockstar Games.

Rockstar, as serious gamers will know, had more than a rocky start (heh) to life and was consistently surrounded in controversy over the content of its games. That's expected to be the main focus of the film, with Daniel Radcliffe in talks to play Sam Houser, Rockstar's founder.

As for Jack Thompson, the attorney who harangued Rockstar with lawsuits and took on a crusade against the developer, the role is still being cast.

Directing duties will be handled by Owen Harris, who previously worked on Black Mirror and Misfits. Harris directed the Black Mirror episode, Be Right Back, which - for us - was one of the best standalone TV episodes of the past ten years.

We're not kidding - you seriously need to watch Black Mirror if you haven't already. It's THAT good.

No release date has been sent for the as-yet untitled Rockstar Games miniseries, but we'd expect it sometime in 2016.