A bunch of press from around the world have just been on set of the new James Bond movie, Skyfall, and interviews from location in Istanbul are beginning to trickle in.

Collider.com just published something from a roundtable chat they had with Daniel Craig, and it gives a couple of cool insights; 007 himself spewed, "The humour’s not something that we’ve tried to do, it’s just that we’ve got a great script. Humor comes out, I think, more of situation than it does out of gag lines. We’ve got some very funny lines in the movie, but who knows how an audience may find them? I remember with Casino, one of the lines we didn’t think was particularly funny, the audience really got a hold of. So I’m just excited about showing it to an audience and showing the dialogue we have and the situations we have, and to see how they react to it. I think there’s some very funny moments. I have a very dark humour though."

Sam Mendes is directing the 23rd Bond film, which is already building anticipation ahead of its November bow.