Daniel Craig is set to star in his third James Bond film 'Skyfall' next October and it has been reported it won't be his last.

According to the MI6 fansite Craig's contract extends to two more appearances as the dashing MI6 agent with  rumours also circulating of him being offered a eight movie deal.

Craig took over the bond role from Pierce Brosnan in 2006 and has since starred in 'Casino Royale' and 'Quantum of Solace' in 2008. It has been 4 years since the last Bond movie and  apparently Sony Pictures are keen to go back to the two year production cycle for Bond films meaning there could be another Bond movie as soon as 2014.

Craig has put on hold other films until Skyfall has been released describing the role as needing a great deal of focus and 'single-mindedness'. There is no doubting he looks good in the suit but his tenure as the 007 agent has recieved mixed reviews with other Bond actors with Roger moore calling him the 'best ever' Bond and George Lazenby saying Craig's Bond 'doesn't have a heart.'

The eagerly awaited 'Skyfall' directed by Sam Mendes hit cinema screens on 26th October.