Even though he's only got three Bond movies under his belt with one due for release before the end of the year, the impact Daniel Craig's made on Bond as a whole can't be denied.

He effectively revitalised a flagging franchise and turned it into the record-breaking phenomenon we know it to be. With Spectre due out in October, there's been speculation after speculation about who'll replace him. Idris Elba is, far and away, the people's choice to replace Bond whilst unsubstantiated rumours put Damian Lewis in the running to replace Craig.

However, Craig has backtracked on earlier comments that he's done with Bond post-Spectre. "I'm contracted for one more, but I'm not making predictions."

"I work myself to death,” Craig explained further on, saying that "it's getting harder. But such is life. I’ll keep going as long as I’m physically able."

At 47, Craig's still way younger than the oldest Bond on-screen. That accolade belongs to Roger Moore, who was 58 when he retired from the role with A View To A Kill. Whether he'll continue after his last contracted film remains to be seen. You always sorta get the feeling with Daniel Craig that he's trying to get his foot out the door with Bond, that he's locked into it.

In a way, it informs his performance because Craig's iteration of Bond is a much more human, wounded one than we've ever seen. If he does decide to leave after Spectre, he'll be leaving with good innings. Very of the Bond actors can comfortably say their run was as successful as his.


Via DM.co.uk