With 'Bond 25' delayed - possibly by as much as a year - Daniel Craig's work diary suddenly has a bit of space in it.

Although the new dad will no doubt be up to his ears in nappies over the coming weeks, he has teamed with with none other than Rian Johnson on the director's new indie film 'Knives Out', which will begin production in November.

Craig will play a detective in the murder mystery film - which was also written by Johnson and will be co-produced by him - on the latter's first film since 'The Last Jedi'. It will also be Johnson's last film before he starts work on a new 'Star Wars' trilogy, while Craig's last film before the Bond saga got messy was 2017's 'Kings'.

A new director has still to be announced for 'Bond 25' - so in the meantime, 007 needs to keep himself busy somehow.