With Marvel's Phase 3 announced a few weeks back, casting is kicking off in a big way.

Although the role of Doctor Strange has yet to be cast, it looks like the villain for the film may have been lined up.

Daniel Bruhl, who starred alongside Thor / Chris Hemsworth in Rush, has been lined up to play a major baddie in Doctor Strange.

What's more, he'll also appear in Captain America's third outing, entitled Civil War.

Cap 3 will focus on the Superhuman Registration Act storyline, which saw the Marvel universe split down the middle and saw Captain America face off against none other than Tony Stark.

Bruhl's role in Civil War and Doctor Strange is unclear, but it's clear he's going to play a big part in the Marvel cineverse.

Initial thoughts? Daniel Bruhl is a solid, respected actor and he's shown he's capable of starring in mainstream films - such as Inglorious Basterds, Rush and Bourne Supremacy.

Casting Bruhl is good for his career and good for Marvel as it shows they've got a keen eye for casting and are prepared to take a punt on real talent.

Captain America is in cinemas in 2016 whilst Doctor Strange is expected in 2017.


via Latino-Review