Walking around Xtravision can be a disorientating prospect at the best of times. Generally speaking, if you haven't heard of something premiering theatrically, then there's more than likely a very good reason for it. Seeing Bruce Willis on the cover of a film I hadn't previously heard of called 'Setup', I hesitantly rented it - which turned out to be a mistake as it was truly muck. Anyhow, producer and the real star of that film was Curtis '50 Cent' Jackson, and he's producing and starring a far better sounding thriller, The Frozen Ground.

John Cusack stars in the real life tale of a man who abducted 24 women, flew them to the wilderness in Alaska and then hunted and killed them. Nicolas Cage is also on board as the cop hunting Cusack, while, according to Anchorage Daily News (via DarkHorizons), Jackson has joined the film as an "80s style pimp." Vanessa Hudgens is part of the cast too, playing a girl who escapes the clutches of Cusack's killer. Scott Walker will make his directorial debut with the project.

Jackson really seems to be taking this producing malarkey seriously, and is becoming increasingly consistent with his output. This one has a cracking cast, so lets hope it lives up to its potential.