Tom Cruise has signed on to appear opposite his Vanilla Sky co-star Cameron Diaz, in the action film Wichita, which will be directed by Walk The Line helmer James Mangold. Not a great deal is known about the plot, other than Cruise would play a secret agent who "pops in and out of a single woman's life," to be played by Diaz. The man who was Maverick has been circling a vast array of projects over the past few months, and took his sweet time deciding on which one to go for; punting on this action orientated flick was more to his liking than the rest. It's an original idea, which is a rarity in Hollywood nowadays, when most action films are comic book adaptations, or reboots etc. The script was written by the very talented Scott Frank, who adapted Out Of Sight beautifully for the big screen a few years back.