The Dark Knight has screened for the press in America with the reaction so far being almost euphoric, as scribes offer praise for all aspects for the production. Variety got the ball rolling by calling the film "An ambitious, full-bodied crime epic of gratifying scope and moral complexity" then adding "this is seriously brainy pop entertainment that satisfies every expectation raised by its hit predecessor and then some". The late Heath Ledger was also singled out for praise with the trade bible saying "It's a tribute to Ledger's indelible work that he makes the viewer entirely forget the actor behind the cracked white makeup and blood-red rictus grin, so complete and frightening is his immersion in the role". The Hollywood Reporter agreed saying "Nolan pushes his own cinematic envelope"as they noted that the action this time around was "pulse pounding" and "spectacular". Famed fan boy favorite Kevin Smith also chimed in with his two cents, comparing the film to The Godfather 2; which is a comparison that isn’t made lightly. We’ll be giving away a ton of tickets for the opening night screening in Cineworld, so check back soon for more info.