Michael B. Jordan's got to be absolutely bricking it and we don't blame him.

27-year-old Romanian boxer and fitness model Florian Munteanu has been cast as Ivan Drago’s son in the upcoming sequel to 'Creed, joining Michael B. Jordan, Sylvester Stallone, Tessa Thompson and Ivan Drago himself, Dolph Lundgren, on the film which is expected to start filming this spring.


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'Rocky IV' fans will remember that Drago killed Apollo Creed, Jordan's character's father, in a boxing match at the beginning of the film so it's not much to assume this film will focus around a fight between their sons, and it looks like Munteanu has been doing plenty of research, even dropping hints at the role onto Instagram.


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Nicknamed "Big Nasty", Munteanu stands at 6'4" (compared to Jordan's 6') and is intimidating as hell if his Instagram is anything to go by.

Stallone revealed the casting on Instagram, calling him "245 pounds of talent".

'Creed 2' will mark Munteanu's acting debut.


from @officialslystallone Congratulations to Florian “ Big Nasty” Munteanu for getting the part as IVAN DRAGOS son! 27 years old , 6 feet four, 245 pounds of talent.#mgm #creed #creed2 . Now it's very official!!! I'm so happy and thankful to announce that I will play IVAN DRAGO'S son in CREED II 😊ðŸ'ªðŸ˜ÂÂ?ðŸ™ÂÂ?. A huge honor to play in such a big movie directed by @stevencaplejr next to @officialslystallone, @michaelbjordan & @dolphlundgren 😳ðŸ™ÂÂ?. Can't even describe my feelings in words right now...🤗🤗. But I'll promise you this...I'll work my ass of to make this movie unforgettable ðŸ'¯ðŸ'¯. Huge thank you to @eduardirimia & the @superkombat Academy for making a dream come true 😊ðŸ™ÂÂ?. And of course to my parents and brothers at home, without them this would have not been possible 🤗âÂÂ?¤âÂÂ?¤. EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE IF YOU BELIEVE IN YOURSELF AND WORK HARD. #creed #creed2 #bignasty #drago

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'Creed 2' is scheduled for release on November 21st.