There's no denying that it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas, sure wasn't Home Alone on the telly last weekend? We for one love a good dose of Crimbo cinema so what better way to get yourself into the spirit than catching a good 'oul Christmas picture with the pals?

They've a rake of them coming up at The Sugar Club over the festive season. First up there's a Christmas par-tay in honour of Gizmo and those GORGEOUS Gremlins on December 11th. We hear there's even a chance to dress up and sing along to that infamous Snow White Christmas scene. Hi ho! Catch up with Kermit, Miss Piggy and Michael Caine a week later when The Muppet Christmas Carol takes over the gaff on December 18th.

Speaking of Carols, nothing says Christmas like a good old fashioned sing along and we've heard there'll even be a bit of Sing Along Cinema this year. Grease is the word at 8pm on December 14th with Will Ferrell's Elf taking any festive revellers into the night! And when we're all in need of a good oul wind down as the New Year approaches, wave goodbye to 2012 in traditional Dub-a-lin fashion, crooning along to The Commitments on December 29th.

Sounds good to us inallinanyways!