With word rife that Iron Man director Jon Favreau has cast Daniel Craig in his new fun sounding action film, Cowboys and Aliens, news breaks that Irish citizen Olivia Wilde has also joined the cast as the love interest.

Wilde was last seen the downright mediocre Year One, but has popped up in the hit series House and has a co-starring role opposite Jeff Bridges in the highly anticipated Tron sequel, Tron 2.0. A stunning looking lady, I have to admit to not seeing her in much - I wouldn’t judge anyone I haven't seen before on the strength of Year One.

Favreau has a small independent movie called Iron Man 2 coming out at the end of April first, and will concentrate on pre-production for Cowboys and Aliens when the promotional push for the cool looking Marvel sequel is finished. Wilde went to The Gaiety School of Acting, and holds dual citizenship here and America.