This is either a wild claim that's probably untrue or it's the best movie news we've penned in ages (that is, if you grew up watching Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and wishing you were April). So you know there's going to be a Ninja Turtles movie reboot, right? Did you know it's alleged to be as good as The Avengers? So says the turtles' franchise co-creator Peter Laird. Some fans are said to be less than pleased with the news that James Cameron's involved, especially considering he's got plans to put his own stamp on the origin of the story. If it aint broke, Cameron, don't fix it.

Laird, however, is paying no heed to the negative hype, in fact he's bubbling over with excitement: "From what I've seen of the script, it's fantastic... We're talking about being inspired by movies like The Avengers for scope and roots origin and The Raid: Redemption for fight scenes and Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes as far as computer-quality style." That's quite the cinematic medley right there.

And what's that? original star Corey Feldman might return to reprise his role as Donatello? Coming out of our shells now, so we are.

"Michael Bay and I have become social acquaintances... We have traded cell phone numbers. We have been in communication. I have let him know that I support the project. He has let me know that he is a fan of my work. We are communicating. I wouldn't say there has been a formal offer, or anything like that. It's not even really going to be Michael Bay's decision. It's going to be the director's decision" says Feldman.

Now for the important part, who was your favourite turtle and why?