It hasn't hit cinemas yet, but the early buzz surrounding X-Men: Days of Future Past looks like it's the most ambitious X-Men film to date. What with last year's so-so The Wolverine, Hugh Jackman may be looking to call time on his character. In a recent interview with SFX, Jackman spoke candidly about the fact that, well, he's getting a little old to be running around with adamantium claws.

When asked about which storyline he'd like to do next, Jackman replied that they're looking at "Old Man Logan, which may be the option left!" That storyline sees an elderly Wolverine in a future where the US is controlled by supervillains. No, really. Jackman went on to say that he's more than a little cool about jumping into the role again.

"I'm genuinely at the point where unless it's better than the last one, I'm not going to do it," Jackman explained. He went on to discuss the current state of affairs with the next film, revealing that he hasn't officially signed on for another one.

Initial thoughts? To be honest, this is no bad thing. The characters of Magneto and Professor X benefited hugely from a revamp in the form of Michael Fassbender and James McAvoy.

Not only that, they've never really been able to nail down Wolverine's overall character. Fans of the comic-books will know that he's a very adult, R-rated character and the films are strictly in the 12A-15s bracket so they can't go too crazy. Granted, The Wolverine did come very close, but it was still within the margins. 

Not only that, Jackman's probably eager to move on. The first X-Men was released FOURTEEN years ago. He's probably sick of the haircut by now. We would, anyway.

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