Woah, more A-List superstar/superhero info. And they said it was a slow news day. Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson has dropped a little nugget about appearing in a DC comics project this year. Gasp! Could it be in relation to a certain alien super, er, man and dark knight movie?

Short answer, maybe.

Speaking to a fan (aww!) The Rock said that he had met with Warner Bros - the studio that makes DC comic flicks - about becoming involved in a DC project. Actually, he said they had been meeting which is even better. There have also been little rumours in the past that he was gearing up to play a number of different DC characters BUT those plans are believed to have been canned.

It seems as though the only superhero movie Warner Bros is working on at the mo is Man of Steel 2 so that must be the one. It just must be!

We're thinking he could play Lex Luthor (although Joaquin Phoenix is closely linked to the role) but he would have to be a big muscly type really. Doomsday perhaps? Whatever role he takes, they just better not put a whole load of make-up on his face and he had better be allowed to reveal one or two of those cheeky grins.