Starring Jennifer Lopez, 'Hustlers' was a surprise success at the box-office at the end of 2019, taking home a massive $137 million profit for Annapurna Pictures.

Now one of the main star's of the movie, Constance Wu, has revealed that she took home quite a hefty paycheque after method-acting for just one night. Arriving up to a strip club, the 'Crazy Rich Asians' actress said that she made a whopping $600 for pretending to be a stripper.

Speaking to Kelly Clarkson on her chat show, the method-actor said that she went "undercover" to see if her skills were up to scratch for the club's patrons. And yes, they clearly were.

In order to secure her place in the strip joint, Wu said that she walked up to the club to ask if she could work there - and then began working on the same night.

In total shock, Clarkson doesn't believe the actress at first, until she realizes that she is in fact telling the truth. In case anyone recognised her, Wu said that she changed her hairstyle and also threw some fake tattoos onto her neck for extra measure.

Wu plays Destiny in 'Hustlers', which centres on a group of strippers looking to pull the wool over the eyes of wealthy Wall Street bankers. Inspired by true events, the group's ring leader is Jennifer Lopez's Ramona, and the movie also stars Cardi B and Lizzo.

Here's the clip of Constance Wu and Kelly Clarkson discussing her role, while they also compare their past pole-dancing experiences.