Conor McGregor is now a fully-fledged crossover star, and it's looking increasingly likely he will headline the biggest pay per view of all time against Floyd Mayweather – probably in a straight boxing match. Both men want it to happen and it will make an absolute fortune when it does. The only sticking point right now is UFC President Dana White, who has McGregor signed to a contract. 

Between now and then, though, McGregor has been busying himself with short film series 'The Pegasus Cup' and preparing for the birth of his child in May.

While he turned down xXx: The Return of Xander Cage to train for the second Nick Diaz fight, he was recently offered a huge blockbuster.

Speaking at an event on Saturday night, McGregor told MMA journo Ariel Helwani (via DarkHorizons)

“I’ll tell you there’s a lot of offers that I’ve turned down. I got offered The Predator movie. There’s a new Predator movie coming out and the guys came to me, did you see that horse thing I’ve done, the horse racing? That was like three days’ solid work for a hell of a lot of money, for three days.

During that three day course, the people from Predator who are having this new Predator movie, a blockbuster… They came in and tried to sell the whole s–t. ‘We want you to be the main guy and you’re gonna fight Predator’ and I’m like ‘This sounds brilliant! How much?’ Not enough.

We went back and forth negotiating and the number climbed up but if I was to do it would mean eight weeks in Canada, in Toronto or somewhere. It’s too long a time. You can’t do a million things at once. The Pegasus thing was one thing because it was like three days, in and out. But seven, eight weeks on a film set is heavy as f–k. Plus it would have crept in around when he (McGregor’s unborn child) was due. I didn’t want to get tricky with that so I turned down that offer.”

The role, if it was the lead, was initially going to be Benico Tel Toro, who was then replaced by Narcos star Boyd Holbrook.

His reasons for turning it down are pretty clear to be fair, but that said if there was a person to make a movie debut with it would be Shane Black - who writes and directs. He's one of the best in Hollywood.

The Predator film comes out February of 2018.