It's been long rumoured that the original Ghostbusters - that's Bill Murray, Dan Aykroyd and Ernie Hudson - would play some kind of role in Paul Feig's take on the series.

Dan Aykroyd's been quite vocal in his support for rebooting the film with women comedians in the role and, likewise, Ernie Hudson has been supportive too.

Bill Murray, who's worked with Melissa McCarthy on indie darling St. Vincent, has been supportive of the film and the actresses involved, but not necessarily the film itself.

Simply put, Murray was burnt pretty badly by the lacklustre response Ghostbusters II received back in the day.

It would seem, however, that he's turned around as it's been officially confirmed that Murray will return as Dr. Pete Venkman in the upcoming Ghostbusters movie.

Amazing news, we think. Now it's time for the best one-liner in cinematic history.